People Say

Paper Management: Wow! That was such a great workshop. Rebecca is THE organizational whisperer. I walked out at the end of the talk inspired, motivated, affirmed and hopeful that the ideas she presented were attainable, achievable and logical…. -BjR

Rebecca approached our chaotic situation with calm efficiency by listening to our priorities and concerns. She took us through a sorting and purging process that was truly liberating…. -L P & J W

In several sessions we gave away, packed, and moved countless boxes. Her hard work, and emotional support, kept me from going off the edge. -PG

Rebecca’s work in my office has taken me to a new level of peace with my business. The system I now have makes sense to me and I have been able to keep the clutter away like never before. I have greater confidence in my own abilities to do a great job. -CG

I no longer have a stack of mail that taunts me in the office. Rebecca is fabulous. Need I type more? -WB

I hired Rebecca as an instructor at Shoreline Community College’s Center for Business & Continuing Education and so glad I did. Students rave about her expertise and her ability to inspire others in all aspects of personal organization. Any college would be lucky to have her in their faculty. -CJ

Rebecca is a god-send for the organizationally challenged..!! she has a keen knowledge of how to organize, what is important, and what is not. She gently but firmly helped me sort through the fog of confusion and clutter that comes with changing a business location. She’s very gifted at making things clear. -KW

Rebecca Ross has been a highly valued consultant for me as I have worked to create efficient and aesthetically pleasing environments in my office and home. Her professional training as an architect and deep sensitivity to the ways in which her clients work and live have helped me to significantly improve my spaces and consequently, my state of mind. I’m very grateful for her work and recommend her to my friends and clients. -RT

We were pretty much drowning in paper. New paper coming in all the time, and not having an effective way to evaluate it and either get rid of it or store it. We interviewed several different businesses and we found in Composed Domain the solution that was just right. Rebecca guided without being imposing; she gave us ideas and asked questions that helped us clarify what we wanted rather than trying to tell us what we wanted. -BS

Rebecca is clear, direct, funny, detached but totally invested in our well-being and never judges us for wanting to hang onto something that maybe we don’t use all the time but aren’t ready to let go of it just yet….She also told me that I didn’t have to make room in my own home for something that meant nothing to me… I think of how liberating it was to sell my mother’s china for $100…..we went out to dinner on the $100 and dinner never tasted so sweet. Thank you, Rebecca for helping me understand that I don’t have to have a museum for my relative’s junk. Getting rid of stuff that is not useful to me is the most liberating thing in the world. -ML

Rebecca has a gift for talking to spaces and environments the way some people communicate with animals. Her sensitivity to subtle energies makes her adept at creating balance, and her sense of humor makes the process fun! -BB

Clearing the energy from your office might sounds like a very woo-woo thing to do. However, we all create patterns that are useful and some that aren’t. The inefficient patterns leave a residue in the office that interfere with future productivity. My experience with Rebecca has proven that her services put my clients at ease and make me more successful. -AB

Rebecca has a gift to sense and clear energy. She cleared our home energetically and the feeling in the home is a free open feeling. We feel it’s truly our home now. Thank you, Rebecca. -EV

I am happy to report that the clearing work you have done for me at three different places has been extremely helpful. In one case, it transformed the person who came back to live there; in another case, it helped rent the space; and in my own home, I have been very comfortable and at peace. Others who come to visit say that it seems very much like me. I feel this is in large part due to the energetic attunement you helped with. Thanks for all your clarity and energetic anchoring. -AR