How to Get Started

Do you feel at home in your world?
Imagine an environment that is perfectly balanced for your health and well-being.

The simple practical tools of Order, Arrangement and Energy are the keys to creating rooms that reflect what really matters to you. One of more of these areas may be the focus of your situation, and you as the client will determine which, how and what order they will be addressed.

Order and Use
What is the purpose of the room? Does the room really support the activity that happens in it? Can you see the counter to cook a meal, for example? In the first layer we identify how you actually use a room. Using a process respectful of your individual concepts of order and clutter, we’ll look at your goals, attitudes and priorities. In this way you will understand what supports or is draining you, and what has blocked progress before. With systems and strategies that work you can align your inner and outer worlds.


Spatial Design
Spatial layout involves design and decoration and the realm addressed by Feng Shui. On the simplest level it looks at furniture layout, color, and arrangement. It also begins to examine another subtle layer, that of energy.


Energetic Expression
How does the room feel? Awareness provides the key to creating spaces that truly support you. People can unknowingly hold disruptive energetic patterns in place with attitudes and reactions to them. You can change how a space feels by giving awareness to what is experienced, without judgment, fear or sense of ownership. With an understanding of your relationship to your environment, you compose your own domain to support your dreams, goals, health and well-being.


The Composed Domain Assessment Appointment

Make the leap by scheduling a 90 minute assessment appointment for a personalized review of YOUR home or office. Explore the relationship between your inner intentions and your environment.

Find that letter, reclaim the counter tops and align your inner and outer worlds. In this way we consciously compose the domain of our lives.

Using Clutter Assessment and organizing principals you’ll break old patterns and learn new skills. In addition you will gain an understanding of your own personal resistance to organizing or managing clutter. We will explore your situation, create strategies for change and discuss concrete methods of tackling clutter and chaos. jumpings

A wide variety of things can happen within the 90 minute assessment. Some people are ready to start right in on an area. Others need to spend some time talking and want to introduce me to their space and their dreams for it. There is no way to quantify what happens in these assessments, because it is so individual. It truly depends on each situation and the needs of the client involved. In many cases we can chat awhile, tour the space, and then roll up our sleeves and make some functional and visible changes!

This Assessment is a no obligation opportunity to experience the process of organizing with Rebecca. At the end of the time you’ll have a sense of what is needed next and if you’ll be helped by continuing with The Composed Domain.

Please call or email if you have any questions or concerns.
The Composed Domain invites you to live in rooms that support rather than drain you!!

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