Energy Clearing

You exist in a world filled with energy, which you can also think of simply as unseen information. Animals tap into this field of data before storms, and take shelter. Most of us accept that information can be stored in ways that we can’t see or perceive without training or instruments. X-Rays and radio waves come to mind…nothing “magic” there!

This kind of information exists in the environment and can be generated by people and events. Some people experience it as a feeling, sometimes physical, sometimes emotional. It can happen as a vague sense that we want to be standing in another line at the grocery store – or perhaps we should take this exit, not that one, on the freeway. This information is right here, and is possible to perceive, recognize and understand.

Whether generated in nature, originating in electronic equipment or left by human experiences, energetic disturbances can affect your health and well-being.

Some fields include features of the planet you live on; such as fault lines, underground water or the earth’s magnetic field. A typical electrical charge has a bi-polar quality, which we call positive and negative. When both are present and balanced electricity works for us. In similar fashion, energetic fields hold a charge and, like electricity, can either support us or harm us.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that these charges are not “Bad” or “Good”. What matters most is our relationship to the charge. Oddly enough it is a lot like electricity…….Are we “grounded”?

In the world of energetic awareness, being grounded means having a steady sense of who you are, and knowing your relationship to your surroundings. This ability is a prerequisite for the process of clearing and re-balancing energetic patterns in your environment. You can begin by recognizing what you feel in a room, and by maintaining a grounded sense of your own boundaries. You unknowingly participate in the energetic quality of your environments. With awareness you can begin to change the way it feels and supports you.

How is this done?

The human body contains electromagnetic fields that vibrate at specific frequencies. Matter in general has a vibration frequency that can be determined by measurement.

We can take a tuning fork for an example:

When a tuning fork is struck and brought close to something vibrating at a lower frequency, the tuning fork causes that object’s frequency to shift towards that of the tuning fork. This can be demonstrated by touching a vibrating tuning fork to a pane of glass in a window. When lifted away, you will hear the window vibrating at the same frequency as the tuning fork.

In just this way the clearing process holds a vibration in the room, and shifts the existing frequency for the users of that space. Suddenly things feel lighter, more open and re-aligned. Old patterns of discomfort, anxiety, or restlessness can vanish. This process clears the way for life transitions and a powerful sense of BEING HOME.

Clearing creates a resonance which allows disturbed energy to return to a state of balance.

The process helps develop unconditional awareness; a way to be fully present at all times, and results in truly inhabiting the rooms you live in and the wider world in general.


Conscious design combined with simple, personalized organization and balanced energy can turn any room into a place you love to call your own.

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