Contact The Composed Domain at:

206.629.6887 This is a land line, please do not try to text to it!

The Composed Domain can help people who are:

Uncomfortable with the feel of a room or homeStuck in patterns or habits and unable to make changesOverwhelmed by possessionsStruggling with inefficient or uncomfortable roomsToo busy to organize belongings or paperworkMoving or experiencing other life transitionsWanting to consecrate or dedicate an environmentAffected by emotional or traumatic events that linger in a space

They say things like:

I wish I knew where I put my...No, don't open that door!!!We never really use that room, I don't know why.I don't like to be alone here.Just the idea of starting to pack gives me a headache.What do I do with all this mail?But I might need that later.I can still feel the emotions from an interaction in the room.The air seems heavy, there's a draining sensation.

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