About The Composed Domain

How does The Composed Domain make a difference?
The Composed Domain uses a unique blend of organizing techniques and energetics. The process works with 3 areas of focus to help you fine tune your environment. These areas are Order and Use, Spatial Design and Energetic Expression. The tools for change are clutter assessment, designing personal systems and the balancing of energy.

Inhabit your world, function at your best, and feel truly at home.

How is The Composed Domain unique?
Rebecca Ross combines pragmatic spatial skills and organizational know-how with energetic clearing.

  • Practical and realistic solutions are realized.
  • Personalized coaching enables each client to make lasting changes.
  • Understanding the energetic components can restore balance and enhance well-being.

The result is an empowered relationship with your environment.

About Rebecca Ross:
Fascinated by the built environment, Rebecca grew up wanting to know why some houses felt better than others, and how stairways could pull her up without her feet moving. So naturally, she decided to become an architect. After 20 years in that profession and an exploration of Feng Shui, she founded her company The Composed Domain in 2000. It is a melding of her architecture background, an understanding of spatial energy and the organization of things and information.rebecca_ross_220_lowres

Her blend of practical organizing skills, personal warmth and humor supports her clients in creating balanced nurturing environments in which to live and work. As a practitioner of meditation Rebecca is able to balance energy and stillness in body and mind, as well as in her surroundings. She has become “an architect of another kind”, turning her sensitivity to the subtler aspects of how spaces affect people.

Clients of The Composed Domain are people who crave a sense of belonging and control in their homes and offices, who want to create comfort and functionality in a personally meaningful environment.

Here is what they have to say….